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Kapton Polyimide Tape

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Kapton tape is an essential material in the toolbox of any electrician. It is a type of polyimide tape, which is generally known for its impressive adhesion, strength, and signature amber/gold color.

Extreme Heat Resistance

The most notable trait of Kapton tape is its impressive resistance to heat. Rather than losing adhesion when exposed to high temperatures, Kapton tape is able to maintain its strength and grip in any condition—no matter how hot. As an added bonus, the extreme heat resistance makes for zero adhesive transfer when the tape is removed.

Apart from being unaffected by high temperatures, Kapton tape is also resistant to acids and oils. For those who need a tape that is chemically resistant, there is no better choice than this model.

Great for Insulation

This high-quality Kapton tape also works extremely well as an insulator. The heat-resistance material maintains a consistent temperature; great for preventing electrical fires. And when used with electronic devices, Kapton tape is able to keep them operating within a proper temperature range. For projects where heat regulation is essential, this tape is the perfect tool for the job.

Versatile Design

No matter what type of project you're working on, this Kapton tape can get the job done right. Due to its strength, thermal conductivity, and insulation capabilities, this tape is suitable for many uses within a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Electrical
  • 3D printing
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Aeronautical
  • Locomotive

Kapton tape is widely used for electrical insulation of various coils, capacitors, sensors, and magnetic wires. It's also great for protecting electrical components during soldering, and won't leave behind any pesky adhesive residue. It can even be applied to electronic devices and circuit boards without any risk of overheating. 

Regardless of the job you need to get done, this Kapton tape is exactly the tool you need.

Wide Variety of Sizes Available

Stop wasting your time with inconvenient tape that needs to be cut to size before each use. This Kapton tape is available in numerous sizes, ranging from 0.5" wide to a full 8" wide. So whether you need a wide roll for heavy insulation or a narrow roll for smaller electrical projects, this Kapton tape can give you what you need.

In addition to the wide range of available sizes, each roll of this Kapton tape measures out to a full 36 yards in length, so you can be sure that you'll have enough to finish even the biggest projects.

High-Quality Design

Unlike other models, this Kapton tape is specially designed with quality in mind. This polyimide-based tape features straight cut edges and a strong core that will keep the roll in optimal condition. And with its impressive strength and adhesion, you won't have to worry about the tape shrinking or curling upon application. Plus, the extreme temperature resistance ensures this tape will keep its grip longer than other models.

For projects big and small, this Kapton tape is just the tool you need to get the job done right. 

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