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Free Shipping NOW available on purchase over 35 USD
Free Shipping NOW available on purchase over 35 USD

Floor Marking Tape

Color: Yellow/Black


This tape is highly durable, easy to apply, resists peeling and tearing. This marking tape is ideal for almost any industrial environment and warehouse working place

Non-slippery tape surface prevents accidental slipping. And the durable backing even withstands forklift traffic without tearing or lifting. 

Designed for safety marking and dance floor splicings, such as classroom tile floors, rubber floor and school gym floor. The high visibility colour conveys the ideas of “caution”, “work in process”, or “watch your step”.


  • Smooth, non-abrasive and non-slippery
  • High visible, perfect for using in masking, wrapping or sealing many curved or irregular surface. 
  • No fading over time, cannot be scratched off and will not be removed by harsh solvents
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