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Free Shipping NOW available on purchase over 35 USD
Free Shipping NOW available on purchase over 35 USD

Reflective Tape


Waterproof 2"x 75 ft Reflective Tape 


Increase visibility:

  • Helps to enhance nighttime reflective brightness
  • Great for low light or nighttime reflectivity
  • With this tape, your vehicle, trailer, mailbox, or clothing will illuminate as if there are bright lights on

Long durability:

  • Withstands brushing, dirt, grime and high-pressure steam sprayers
  • Waterproof and sun-fading resistant, can be used in extreme weather conditions


  • For use not only on automobiles, trailers, bicycles but also for use in general household and workplace, mailboxes, RVs, watercrafts

Easy application and removal:

  • Single layer design allows for easy application
  • Easily removable, and will NOT damage to your paint during or after installation


  • Very flexible and can be used on many surfaces


  • Total Thickness: 9 mil
  • Adhesion to Steel: 80 Oz./in
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