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PTFE Glass Cloth Tapes

PTFE Glass Cloth Tapes

PTFE Adhesive tapes made using PTFE impregnated glass cloth with silicone adhesive on one side.
PTFE glass cloth tapes can resist temperature of -70 ~ 200 °C. The width of PTFE tape can be customized as requested. This tape also has a yellow paper liner option.

With its ability to resist high temperatures and various chemicals, the PTFE tape has a broad application in LCD, FPC, PCB, Packing, sealing Battery manufacturing, dying, aerospace and mold releasing or other industries.  


  • Vacuum sealers,
  • Wire insulation,
  • Hand/impulse heat sealers
  • Blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment
  • Lining guide rails, chutes and slides
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