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Advanced Polymer Tape Inc.

Aluminum Tape

Aluminum Tape

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APT Aluminum Foil Tape comes with a high solvent acrylic adhesive, protected by an easy-release silicone release paper. It combines the versatility of aluminum and the weather-resistant sealing power of adhesive tape, and you have an extremely versatile product — aluminum foil tape. Moisture and chemical resistance Thermal conductivity Flame resistance Heat and light reflectance Weatherability

Product Specifications

Backing Thickness: 3.4 mil

Backing: Dead soft Aluminum Adhesive: Acrylic

Liner: Paper Temperature: -65 °F to 300 °F(149 °C)


HVAC Duct Insulation and Sealing

Thermally conductive tape for heating and cooling efficiency.

Refrigerator and freezer coil attachment

APT Aluminum Foil Tape in order to increase the thermal efficiency in refrigerators, the appliance industries extensively used HVAC aluminum foil tapes to wrap tubes inside refrigerators.

Masking and sealing in aircraft

APT Aluminum Foil Tape is used to do minor repairs on aircraft and racing cars. It is used as a temporary repair material until a more permanent repair can be carried out.

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