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  • Description:

    This tape shows excellent dielectric insulation properties and high heat-resistant,
    widely used for electrical insulation for electrical equipment in the fields of petroleum drilling, such as motors.

    Production Applications :

    Used for insulating electric and induction type furnace power supply leads,
    reinsulating and repairing coils on mining machines, and securing high temperature, non-PSA insulations in high temperature areas.

    Features of Glass Cloth Tape:

    High mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures provide excellent performance thermosetting adhesive
    provides an increased bond once applied in areas of high ambient temperatures thermosetting adhesive provides elevated temperature performance.

    The Glass cloth backing provides mechanical protection that lasts longer and improves safety.
    Also, Glass cloth will not shrink or rot, which offers increased reliability and safety.

    Widely Applications:

    Heat stable insulation for furnace and oven controls, Flame Retardant,
    high temperature duct sealing, bus bar insulation, coil insulation, slot insulation and edge binding.

    Nominal Values:

    Backing Thickness 5 mil
    Total Thickness 7 mil
    Adhesion to Steel 35 oz./in
    Tensile Strength 180 lbs./in
    Elongation 5%
    Dielectric Strength 3000 Volts
    Operating Temperature Range -73℃ to 200℃
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Great tape

perfect for the job