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Advanced Polymer Tape Inc.

Insect Barrier Tree Tape

Insect Barrier Tree Tape

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APT Insect Barrier Tree Tape, Caterpillar killer, Gypsy moth control, Lantern Fly Tree Tape, Sticky Bands for Trees is a 2" wide sticky tape wrapped around tree trunks as a barrier to block insects from crawling up and underneath trees.

Strong Adhesion prevents bugs from climbing up trees
Our tapes come with a very strong adhesive that will stop crawling insects from climbing over the tape.

Easy to Install
Our tape comes with easy release paper liner, and can be simply peeled and installed by hand. Use a scissor or knife to cut.

Our tape is Flexible to fill all the nooks, cracks and crannies so that crawling insects will not be able to climb underneath the tape.

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