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Advanced Polymer Tape Inc.

Reinforced Paper Packing Tape

Reinforced Paper Packing Tape

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APT Fiberglass Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape is a tan (kraft) color tape where fiberglass lines are embedded in one of the layers to increase strength and durability. It comes with a starch-based adhesive and it feels dry and is non-adhesive until the starch-based adhesive comes in contact with water – in which case it immediately becomes super-sticky and can be applied onto the intended surface.

Strong Adhesion and Long Durability
APT Fiberglass Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape creates a strong bond to the intended surfaces once applied and will provide permanent seal.

Temper Proof and Tear Resistant
APT Fiberglass Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape has two layers of paper and a cross-pattern of fiberglass filaments laminated in between, which protects the contents of the package from being tampered.

APT Fiberglass Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape guarantees closure and inviolability of the carton box. Gummed paper tape creates a total bond with the carton box and cannot be removed without leaving traces, breaking the tape. So direct noticeable when tampered with.

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